Reseña: Audiocode Especial 005

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Audiocode, the label run by Fernanda Martins and DJ LUKAS, makes a powerful comeback to the spotlight of Hard Techno with the release of «Specials Audiocode 005».

This formidable compilation of 10 remixes of the acclaimed classic by Morison, «Tameless,» is a testimony to the label’s dedication to expanding the genre’s boundaries. Originally released on HARDWORK Records in 2008, Morison’s «Tameless» quickly made its mark due to its relentless energy and raw power, making waves in the techno community. With «Audiocode Specials 005,» the label has recruited a diverse lineup of heavyweight producers to breathe new life into the track. The result is a multifaceted exploration of Hard Techno, where each remix offers a fresh perspective while preserving the original’s core essence.

The compilation opens with the _asstnt remix, injecting aggressive basslines and fierce beats into the track, creating a high-energy tone.

Balagan’s remix delves into darker and industrial territory, characterized by hardcore kicks and powerful synthesizers that blend it with a powerful trance style from the classic. They maintained the recognizable melancholy of the original and gave it a modern twist.

Johnny Piras brings an electrifying intensity to his remix, creating a version designed to ignite the dance floor with frenetic energy.

Lukas’s own remix stands out, combining intricate energy with the relentless drive of the original melody, showcasing his mastery of powerful Hard Techno.

Morison returns to his creation with a remix that retains the raw power of the original and offers a renewed version. Ron Impro’s remix adds a layer of complexity, with intricate percussion and evolving textures enriching the compilation.

Sandro Mure contributes his unique interpretations, pushing the genre’s boundaries, while Sepromatiq combines intricate sound design with the relentless drive of their characteristic style.

Slugo S. offers a high-octane remix packed with vibrant loops over the infectious original melody. Finally, Xavier closes the compilation with a powerful and evocative interpretation that leaves a lasting impression.

«Audiocode Specials 005» exemplifies Audiocode’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in the Hard Techno genre. This release and its variety are strengthening the label’s reputation not only as a trendsetter, but also as a center for innovative underground sounds.

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Track Listing:

Untamed (_asstnt remix)

Untamed (Balagan remix)

Untamed (Johnny Piras Remix)

Untamed (Lukas Remix)

Untamed (Morison Remix)

Untamed (Ron Impro Remix)

Untamed (Sandro Mure Remix)

Untamed (Sepromatiq Remix)

Untamed (Slugo S. Remix)

Untamed (Xavier Remix)