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We are excited to introduce our latest effort: the IMMERSIONS project!

Our new initiative, the IMMERSIONS project, is funded by the European Union Creative Europe program, and is aimed at transforming the world of electronic music and cultural engagement across Europe. This collaborative effort brings together four countries (Poland, Norway, Portugal, and Lithuania) in an ambitious endeavor to create a European network of hybrid music that transcends geographical and economic divisions.

Under the leadership of partners Pogotowie (Poland), Monument (Norway), Gare (Portugal), and UAB Novista (Lithuania), the IMMERSIONS project will mark the beginning of a new era of musical exploration and education. By hosting hybrid music events and educational activities on electronic music, this initiative aims to establish connections between European venues located in diverse places. The main mission is to promote European electronic music within cultural peripheries, fostering better opportunities for music professionals and ensuring equitable access to cultural experiences for the public.

The IMMERSIONS project is driven by a shared commitment to geographical and economic inclusion. By facilitating access to music education, cultural events, and networking opportunities, the project seeks to elevate music professionals and empower the public, regardless of their geographical location.

Save the date: on September 29, 2023, IMMERSIONS will host its inaugural workshop event, open to the public for registration. The free workshop will be a platform for learning, creativity, and collaboration, setting the stage for the exciting journey ahead. Led by world-renowned Techno artist temudo mastering composition and audio processing techniques and solving puzzles in pursuit of the perfect mix, the workshop will give the public a glimpse into the professional lives of top music creators.

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Funded by the European Union.

However, the views and opinions expressed are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Commission. Neither the European Union nor the grant-awarding authority can be held responsible for them.